Art-No: KPMDU-RC-xxyyC13C19-x-xx • Datasheet: SmartPDU-40HE • Drawing: KPMDU 40HE 

The SmartPDU is used to supply power to end devices in data or network cabinets while simultaneously monitoring power, recording consumption data and monitoring the environment. The SmartPDU is network-based and, like all Ethernet-capable Kentix devices, is equipped with a Kentix system socket for connecting further peripherals.

Basically, the design of the SmartPDU is always the same, the differences are mainly in the power connection (16 amps or 32 amps), the number of phases (1-phase or 3-phase) and the socket configuration (C13 or C19).

  1. Network connection (PoE) and Kentix system socket, Integrated sensors
  2. Connection area 3 (L3) with fuse C10/C16
  3. Connection area 2 (L2) with fuse C10/C16
  4. Connection area 1 (L1) with fuse C10/C16
  5. Current measuring device with display (MID calibrated) and residual current measurement (RCM) Measurement
  6. Current connection depending on type 5-pole 16/32A or 3-pole 32A, cable length 3m