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Intelligent, robust und geeicht: Das war die Formel für die Entwicklung unserer SmartPDU-Serie. Zusammen mit langjährigen Data Center-Kunden haben wir eine PDU entwickelt, die die wesentlichen Anforderungen einer robusten und ausfallsicheren Stromverteilung erfüllt.

Wir haben uns somit voll auf den Einsatz der bewährtesten Komponenten aus dem Bereich der Stromverteilung konzentriert. Herausgekommen ist eine ultra robuste PDU, die alle Anforderungen an die Strommessung und Überwachung erfüllt und über modernste Schnittstellen (SNMPv2/3, REST-API) gemanagt werden kann.

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A stable power supply is the most important basis of your IT and company infrastructure. The Kentix PowerManager offers the easiest solution to monitor it seamlessly and integrate it into your network. The advantage is on the one hand the choice between radio and cable-based meters and on the other hand the simple IP network integration. The central unit, the Kentix PowerManager, offers full SNMP V2/V3 support, easy setup and a web-based user interface with all important data. The combination of Kentix PowerManager as the central unit with the ZigBee radio-based SmartMeters offers enormous integration and cost advantages over wired systems. Wireless technology provides reliable reporting of power and fuse failures.Intelligent, robust and calibrated: That was the formula for the development of our SmartPDU series. Together with long-standing data centre customers, we have developed a PDU that meets the essential requirements of robust and fail-safe power distribution.

We have thus fully concentrated on using the most proven components from the industry of power distribution. The result is an ultra-robust PDU that meets all requirements for power measurement and monitoring and can be managed via state-of-the-art interfaces (SNMPv2/3, REST API).