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Art.-No.: KXC-KN1, KXC-KN2 • Datasheet: KXC-KN1/2

The radio knob is the RFID reader and is usually installed on the outside of the respective door. With the help of the Kentix AccessManager the knob can be networked by radio. The configuration of users and authorisations is then carried out in the AccessManager. Alternatively, configuration can be carried out directly at the door using the service key card (stand-alone operation).

How do I setup a new online knob?

Dimensions DoorLock KXC-KN1

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Dimensions DoorLock KXC-KN2

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Only a few steps are required for installation. Please proceed as follows:


Remove the forend screw and pull the existing cylinder out of the door.

Each Kentix profile cylinder comes with a new forend screw.


Insert the Kentix profile cylinder into the door. Then insert and tighten the forend screw.

The mechanical knob is already attached to the profile cylinder. Therefore, insert the profile cylinder into the guide from the inside of the door.


Insert the RFID radio knob into the cylinder until it clicks into place.


The installation is complete. If not already done, the knob can now be programmed with the card set.

The master card set in the knob should be programmed before installation at the door.

Step 1: Remove the forend screw and pull the existing cylinder out of the door.

Battery change

  1. Hold the battery change card in front of the knob module – the knob module enters the battery change position. Before this step, it may be necessary to ‘wake up’ the knob module by turning it.
  2. Press in the now unlocked sleeve-locking pin of the knob module with the Battery change tool and simultaneously pull out the sleeve.
  3. Remove empty batteries and insert the new batteries, paying attention to the polarity.

  4. Press locking pins and again slide on the knob module sleeve. Ensure that the locking pin latches correctly in the sleeve.
  5. After the battery change, the knob module is still in the battery change position. By repeating the step 1 or by presenting an authorized key, the knob module returns to the home position.