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  1. Was ist Fieber und warum ist eine Fiebererkennung sinnvoll?

    3.3 other people, who then each infect the same number of people.5) With an influenza disease, one infected person transmits the virus to two other people. This quickly results in an exponential increase in the number of infected people. The earliest possible detection of infected persons can stop this chain of
    SmartXcanOct 08, 2020
  2. Montage

    °. This height and tilt allows both smaller people and larger ones to easily measure temperature and maintain the required measuring distance. Technical drawing
    SmartXcanOct 26, 2020
  3. Messung der Luftqualität nach IAQ Index

    should be identified if the level is reached without the presence of people; maximize ventilation & reduce presence Fire probability IAQ Index Fire
    FAQDec 11, 2020
  4. Grundlagen der Personenerkennung

    are photographed. This type of people counting is DSGVO-compliant. The exact number of recorded heat signatures can be displayed in the web interface of the … observed area (ground) must not be within the temperature range of the heat signatures of the people to be counted! In people counting, the observed area is
    FAQAug 05, 2021
  5. SmartXcan (Fieber Screening)

     • Datasheet: SmartXcan      The Kentix SmartXcan is a device for contactless screening of groups of people for elevated temperature (fever). The … . Kentix SmartXcan can select people with fever from fever-free people at entrances and exits in indoor environments, helping to prevent the spread of infectious
    SmartXcanApr 03, 2022