How to: Feverscreening

In order to carry out a successful body temperature measurement, a few steps must always be followed.

These steps are essential and must be followed to avoid measurement errors!


  1. Mounting height of the unit at approx. 1.1 m in a 60°-Angle. Do not install outdoors or in an inconstant environment!
  2. Take off glasses, mouth-nose protection mask must not reach into the eye area. Remove hair from the face during the measurement.
  3. Position the face parallel to the SmartXcan surface and centred over the lens!
  4. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources in the background of the person!
  5. Slowly approach the head up to 15 cm - 30 cm and stop directly as soon as the LED ring jumps from red to green.

Additional settings of the SmartXcan:

  1. Tamper protection → Recommended level: LOW
  2. Measuring distance → Adjust from 30 cm to 20 cm/15 cm if measuring errors occur frequently.

Further rules and information can be found here: Regeln für die Verwendung des Kentix SmartXcan!

Quickstart Guide for commissioning

There are a few steps to be taken to get the Kentix SmartXcan fever scanner up and running safely and smoothly. The following points describe the first steps of installing the product. Please follow these steps carefully to ensure a smooth startup!

1. Connecting the Kentix SmartXcan

The Kentix SmartXcan is connected with the patch cable included in the scope of delivery. To do this, the cable is connected to the LAN PoE port(1) of the SmartXcan and a PoE injector or PoE capable switch. Two LEDs (green and orange) on the LAN-PoE port indicate the correct connection.

  1. LAN-PoE Port

2. system startup and warm-up phase

After connecting the device, the system is in the starting process. As soon as the LED light ring starts flashing red, the warm-up phase has begun. This process can take up to 30 minutes. The duration depends on the respective ambient temperature. This warm-up phase is necessary to bring the infrared sensor to the correct operating temperature so that it can achieve the most accurate results.

3. Network settings

By default, the device is delivered with an active DHCP function. If your network has a DHCP server, an IP address is automatically assigned. If this is not the case, you can reach the device under the fallback IP address Please make sure that your add blocker for the web interface of the SmartXcan is deactivated.

Enter the IP address of the device in the browser, make sure that your PC is in the same network and log in with the following data

Username : admin

Password : password

Check the settings of the device under the menu item CONFIGURATION -> NETWORK. If you operate the device without DHCP, please change the network configuration to manual and assign the desired IP address.

4. Software version

Now check the firmware version of your Kentix SmartXcan This is displayed in the SYSTEM menu item on the SYSTEM SETTINGS tab. Compare the version with the last published version in the downloads section.

Perform a system update if necessary. You will find detailed instructions to perform an update here.

5. Start of measurement

The Kentix SmartXcan is in warm up mode during fluctuating ambient temperatures and during startup. As described in section 2, the device does not allow any measurement during this phase by default. In the SENSORS menu item, a measurement can be allowed despite the warm-up phase. This is particularly necessary if the device is placed near doors, windows etc.

6. Tamper protection

By default, the tamper protection of the SmartXcan is deactivated to ensure a simple and intuitive measurement process. Hands or incorrectly positioned heads are also detected in this setting. The manipulation protection can be set in two stages. LOW: The head must be correctly positioned to perform a measurement; HIGH: Eye recognition is also performed. The time until the head is in the correct position can be prolonged by the tamper protection, but the accuracy of the measurement is improved.  

Important: Activating the manipulation protection extends the measuring process by approx. 0.5 seconds!