Door opening with SmartXcan and KIO3

In integrated operation, the SmartXcan can operate together with a coupled sensor. With the help of a power adapter (KIO3) the SmartXcan can be combined with an external sensor, e.g. door opener. The external sensor is connected via the relays of the KIO3. When connecting the SmartXcan please pay attention to the assignment of the ports and the required voltage. A detailed description of the power adapter can be found here: KIO3

Various signals can be output after the SmartXcan has measured the temperature. If the measurement result is "No fever", for example, a door opener can be activated for 5 seconds. Similarly, access is denied if the temperature rises.

Connect the SmartXcan with alarm signals

Not only doors, turnstiles or others can be controlled with the SmartXcan. Alarm systems, signal lamps etc. can also be controlled alternatively.