The device is connected to a network socket or a PoE-capable switch via a patch cable (included in the scope of delivery). If no PoE connection is available, a so-called PoE injector can be used (see Stand-Alone Operation).

After connection to the power supply, the device needs approx. 1 minute to start the software and a further time (warm-up phase) until the IR sensor is ready for measurement. This warm-up time depends on the ambient temperature and is indicated by a RED flashing light effect on the LED light ring. The LED goes out as soon as the unit is ready to measure.

Verbindung mit PC

Connect the LAN socket of the SmartXcan to a PoE-enabled switch via a LAN cable. Also establish a network connection between your PC and this switch.
 Set the IP address of your PC to e.g. "" and you can access the SmartXcan via the web interface at

On this page you will find the following information:

Webinterface (without login)

If you have connected the SmartXcan to your network, you can reach it at the above address. This will take you to the web interface. The web interface of the SmartXcan shows a simple interface with two central areas:

The left area shows face as thermal image. On the right side is a LED scale as seen on the SmartXcan. Here the measured temperature can be read directly.
The data is updated automatically. In the upper left corner below the logo there is the LOGIN button for system login and configuration.


The following data are required to log in to the user interface: Username: admin, Password: password

The dashboard displays general SmartXcan readings such as room temperature, relative humidity and dew point.

SmartXcan configuartion


The emissivity of the device is shown under General. This cannot be changed. The warm-up behaviour of the SmartXcan has two options. The warm-up duration depends on the ambient temperature. During this time the measurement results are less accurate. It can be set whether a temperature measurement is permitted during this phase.

For the manual measurement start it can be varied whether the measurement is first activated and started by an external command.


The upstream login option means that the SmartXcan interface with the measured temperatures and scales can only be accessed after a successful login.

To prevent manipulation of the measurement, the SmartXcan detects foreign objects such as hands, glasses or an incorrect head position. The manipulation protection of SmartXcan is divided into two levels:

  • Low: The head must be correctly positioned to start the measurement
  • High: In addition to the positioning of the head, an eye recognition is performed

Note: If the tamper protection is activated, the measuring process is automatically extended because several additional processes are executed!


Here you can adjust which values are stored in the event logbook.

Body temperature

In this field you can define the four different body temperature ranges. These temperature levels can optionally be assigned instructions for action, which can be recognized by the user or supervisor.

The body core temperature correction value is the value which is added to the measured skin surface temperature to determine the body core temperature. The dynamic-temperature-correction automatically adjusts the value of the body temperature when the face has cooled down considerably. You can find more information about DTC here: What is Dynamic Temperature Correction (DTC)?

During the cold winter months the DTC function should be changed to high!

Acoustic Signaling

The type and duration of the alarm signal of a measurement with increased temperature can be set as required. A distinction must be made between a continuous or a pulsating signal.The duration can be selected between min. 1 second and max. 1 hour.


Location-specific information can be entered here. This information is also displayed in the web interface.

Import/Export configuration

Ready-made device configurations can be loaded or exported here.

Extended multisensor configuration

Alarm Values

In this area of the multi-sensor, thresholds for additional sensors can be configured. The Kentix SmartXcan measures the body core temperature, room temperature, relative humidity and dew point.

External Sensors

In this area the digital inputs can be configured. For this a KIO3-adapter must be connected to the system port of the SmartXcan. For the inputs you can then realize the function of a manual measurement start.

Switching Outputs

Two channels are available to perform external switching outputs. For example, an output can be switched for any duration at a normal body core temperature.


Webhooks can be used to activate certain commands in case of different events (body temperature normal). For example, a doorlock DC can be activated if the fever measurement shows a normal temperature. Further information can be found in the API section.