This document contains following topics:

Adding a Device to the App

In order to use the smartphone app, the Kentix360 cloud access must be activated with the respective user.

The setting can be found under "User" - User to be granted access - Pencil icon - "System permissions" for AlarmManager and PowerManager
and under: "Access" - "User" - User who should get access - Pencil icon - "System permissions" for AccessManager.

LDAP users currently cannot get App access! If access via app is desired, a local user must be created in the web interface of the device.

The checkbox for the Kentix360 access only appears after the user has been created. If a new user is being created, the setup must first be completed by clicking on the disk. The checkbox then appears in the user settings.

After checking "Kentix360 Cloud Access" the field "Show Kentix360-ID" appears.

Click on the button to open the following page:

After installing the app via the app store of the respective operating system, the app can be started and a new device can be added.

To do this, click on the plus symbol in the app or on "Add device".
Select "Kentix360 (Cloud)" as device type.
The camera of the smartphone opens to scan the code. Alternatively, the ID can also be entered manually by selecting "Create device manually".
Then the device name is assigned. This is used to identify the created device and can be freely assigned by the user.
Finally, the password of the user must be entered. The password is the same with which the user, with the cloud access, can log in to the web interface.

By pressing the disk button the settings are saved and the device is added to the app.
The full app functionality is now established.

Deleting a Device from the App and more Settings

If you press and hold the device button, a menu with the options "Edit device" and "Delete" opens at the bottom of the screen.

After pressing the "Delete" button, the device is directly removed from the app.

This only deletes the device from the app, not from the cloud. A device deleted in this way can be immediately added back to the app.

Under "Edit device", the settings that were specified when the device was added can be subsequently adjusted. (device name, ID, password, Kentix360 security key).