All Kentix Monitoring StarterSets and AlarmManagers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are delivered with a SIM card from Deutsche Telekom.
After registration for the Kentix360 Cloud, a start contingent of 600 redundant alarm SMS is available.

Kentix360 Cloud

The activation of the Kentix SIM card can only be done in combination with the use of the Kentix360 Cloud. It is not possible to use this card without the cloud service.
Please note that there is a charge for using the cloud. Further information about the Kentix360 Cloud and its setup can be found here.

The use of the Kentix360 SIM results in annual costs of 72€.

The card can only be activated in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

You can use your own SIM card at any time.

This document contains following topics:

Inserting a SIM Card

Instructions for inserting a SIM card into the AlarmManager can be found here.

Activation of the GSM Module

After inserting the SIM card, the module must be switched on in the web interface of the AlarmManager under "Configuration" - "GSM" by marking "Active".

The AlarmManager then reads out the ICCID automatically and the modem status changes to "Ready for operation".

The SIM card symbol in the dashboard changes to reception bars which give information about provider and reception strength.

If the provider is displayed as "not determinable" and a Kentix360 SIM is used, please not that it will only be determined and displayed after activation of the Kentix360 SIM.

Further information on troubleshooting can be found in this FAQ entry.

Activation of the Kentix360 SIM

In order to activate the Kentix360 SIM card a Kentix360 Cloud Account must be set up. Information about the Kentix360 Cloud and its setup can be found here.

In the web interface of the AlarmManager, the device must be logged into the cloud account under "Kentix360".
After login, the SIM card can be activated under the menu item "Kentix360 SIM".

The activation takes place within the next 2 working days. In addition, information with your new telephone number and the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address stored in the customer account.
Whether the card has been activated can be seen by moving the mouse pointer over the reception bars (reception strength and provider are displayed) or under "Configuration" - "GSM" where the name of the provider is displayed in the corresponding field.

If it is still not possible to send SMS after activation, please deactivate the GSM module in the configuration and restart the device via "System" - "System functions". After the restart the GSM module can be activated again and SMS should be sent.
Further information on troubleshooting can be found in this FAQ entry.

Telephone Number and PIN

The Kentix SIM has no phone number and PIN on delivery.

However, for security reasons, we recommend that you assign a PIN to the card.
To do this, select the menu item "GSM" in the "Configuration" area and then "Change PIN".
Enter a 4-digit PIN for the card. Use the value 0000 for the "Old PIN" field.

The Kentix SIM card only receives a phone number after activation. This number is sent to you by e-mail after the SIM card has been activated.