Note that using the Kentix360 Cloud will charge €96 per device per year.

These are charged for each central device registered in the cloud (KAM, KXP, KPM). For example, if you use an access system with one master and several slaves, only the master will be registered in the cloud and billed. The number of connected devices and users is irrelevant.

For Kentix partners, the use of the cloud for one device of each type, i.e. AlarmManager, AccessManager and PowerManager, is free of charge. Each additional device will also cost 96€.

This document contains following topics:

Registration of the Kentix360 Cloud Account

If the registration has already been done, this point can be skipped.

Note that in this example an AlarmManager is used, but the procedure is the same for other devices such as the AccessManager. Beware that the area "Kentix SIM" can be found only in the AlarmManager.
To set up the Kentix360 Cloud Account, an account must be created in the web interface of the device under "Kentix360" - "Create New Kentix360 Account" - "Register Now".

The password must be created according to the following guidelines:

  • at least 8 characters long
  • at least one upper and one lower case letter
  • at least one number
  • at least one special character

Registration is not possible as long as these guidelines are not adhered to.

A click on the disk symbol completes the registration.

The account is then created and you can log into it.

Under the menu item "Kentix360 Account" the company data can be changed afterwards. The company name is excluded from this.

Login and Registration of a Device in the Kentix360 Cloud

The user data created in the previous step can now be used to log in to the cloud.
The e-mail address used for registration belongs in the username field.

The following page lists all devices registered in your Kentix360 account.
You can add or register devices by clicking on the "Plus" button.

This is followed by a page with information on the costs incurred.
With a click on "Continue" the information is confirmed and the page for creating the Kentix360-SecurityKey is opened.
The security key used to encrypt the log files in the cloud will be created there.

The key cannot be changed after creation! If the key is lost, the log files are inaccessible and the device must be removed from the cloud and added again! Note that the old log files will then be lost.

After creating the SecurityKey and saving it by clicking on the disk symbol, the registration of the device is completed and the user is redirected back to the main page.

The newly registered device is now listed and the cloud in the dashboard changes from gray to red.

After the cloud in the dashboard changed to green the firmware status of the device is displayed next to the device address. A green cloud appears to the right in the "Status" column after a successful connection to the cloud server.

If the cloud still remains red and the firmware version is not displayed, hints for solving the problem can be found here.

Now the overview looks as follows:

The Kentix360 cloud registration is now complete and users can add the device to their smartphone app.

It is also possible to set up the Kentix360 SIM.

The pencil icon opens the configuration menu for the routine messages. There you can set an interval and time for the messages and display the Kentix360 SecurityKey.

Deletion and Deactivation of the Kentix360 Cloud

If a device is to be deleted, the checkbox of the device must be marked in the device overview in the menu Kentix360 and then deleted via the line symbol at the upper end of the same column (see picture).

The cloud can also be temporarily deactivated and reactivated here.

After deactivating a device, it can be reactivated at any time.

If a device is deleted, it will be marked for complete deletion from the cloud. The final deletion takes place after 24 hours. Only after this time is the device completely deleted from the cloud. It is then possible to reassign it to an account.
AlarmManager, where the Kentix360-SIM was activated, cannot be deleted from the cloud profile!
All sensor readings and logbooks will be lost during the deletion process!