Commissioning and approval

An important component in the life cycle of professional Smart Building Security products is a commissioning of the products based on the requirements.
This consists in a combination of technical and administrative measures to ensure the optimal and functional condition and operation of these components.

The Kentix commissioning program is precisely aligned with the requirements of the products for the physical security of our customers' business-critical IT infrastructures and essentially includes the following points.


Installation means the transfer of the system (-parts) from the factory condition after mechanical completion to the continuous operation condition. After successful and professional installation, the system (-parts) must be checked and approved.


Approval covers all hardware and software components, taking into account performance requirements and essential conditions that must be fulfilled before the systems (parts) are approved.

In order to be able to carry out professional commissioning and approvals, various measures must be observed to ensure a seamless process.


Buildings usually contain a large number of different types of technical installations and equipment. Kentix products are of course also able to send alarms and status messages to third party systems using various technical solutions. During all commissioning and approval measures, the operator is responsible for the coordination of cross-industry dependencies, messages and functions.

Accessibility of devices and system components

The performance of the activities included in the service programs requires the perfect accessibility of the equipment and system components. Services required to establish accessibility and restore the original condition (e.g. moving furniture, opening and closing false ceilings, dismantling and reinstallation of obstructions) are not included in the service programme. They are to be provided by the client or transferred to the company performing the work against payment. The accessibility of the equipment also includes all necessary access data, such as user access and password for the respective equipment.

Qualification of the commissioning and approval personnel

All activities from the service program may only be performed and documented by Kentix personnel or by specially trained Kentix partners.

Performance of commissioning and approval

After careful planning, including the specific needs of the customer's operation, commissioning and approval are carried out using special work cards.