Project Checklist

Network data (IP V4)

  • IP address

  • Net mask

  • Gateway

Email (SMTP) Server

  • IP address/DNS (IP port 25/465/...)

  • Sender address

  • SMTP username and password

GSM card (Note standard SIM size!)

  • Phone number (MSISDN)

  • PIN

  • In case of mini/micro sim card an adapter is required

RFID media

  • Mifare Classic

  • Mifare Desfire (Kentix standard)

  • Legic

  • Legic Prime


Important! Please provide a test token for existing systems (access, time recording)

Power supply

  • Is PoE (Power over Ethernet) available to supply the devices?

  • Can external power supplies be used in a radius of 10-20m?

Mounting location, mounting type

  • Room designation of the individual mounting locations (room, floor)

  • Length specifications for cable laying

  • Ceiling, wall and rack mounting

  • Can the devices be patched/plugged in or is a fixed wiring intended?

  • Are there suspended ceilings

  • Are there cable guides or cable ducts?

User informations

  • Number of system users and administrators

  • Account data

    • Name

    • Email address

    • Mobile number

    • Administrator (yes/no)

    • Web access allowed (yes/no)

    • APP/Cloud access allowed (yes/no)

    • PIN Code for KeyPad

    • Alarm assignment (Always-Active, Armed-Active)

Connection to alarm centre (VDS2465)

  • Service provider (e.g. Telekom, RWE, Securitas, local service...)

  • Contact person (phone number, email, address)

  • Access data (line identification, etc.)

Further informations like pictures and plan drawings

  • Are there pictures of the mounting locations?

  • Are planning documents available (PDF)?