Passthrough Counting

If a temperature hotspot moves through the measuring field of the Kentix MultiSensor-TI, it can be registered automatically. This makes it quick and easy to count groups of people based on their heat signature. This is of interest, for example, if only a limited number of people are allowed in a building.

In order to ensure a high degree of functionality, a sufficient distance between individual persons is necessary. For this reason, the persons entering the building should be separated. The thermal image detection is not a camera, so no people are photographed. This type of people counting is DSGVO-compliant. The exact number of recorded heat signatures can be displayed in the web interface of the MultiSensor or AlarmManager.

The MultiSensor-TI can be cascaded with further MultiSensor-TI.

To ensure an accurate people count, the surface temperature of the observed area (ground) must not be within the temperature range of the heat signatures of the people to be counted!

In people counting, the observed area is reduced in order to achieve a more accurate detection of persons passing through. This reduction must always be taken into account when aligning and mounting the MultiSensor.

Presence Counting

The Kentix MultiSensor-TI is not only suitable for modern access control by means of heat signature, but also as monitoring of areas in which only a certain number of people may be present.
If the thermal sensor detects too many heat signatures in the defined area, the MultiSensor sends out an alarm.

For example, narrow areas can be monitored so that a sufficient distance between the individual persons is ensured to provide effective protection against transmittable diseases. There are no limits to the further uses of the MultiSensor.