For which RITTAL cabinets is the Kentix DoorLock-RA4 suitable?

With the RITTAL adapter the Kentix DoorLock-RA4 can be mounted on a wide range of RITTAL cabinets. The adapter compensates for the design bevel of the door and thus provides the conditions for mounting the IP rack lever.
The matching cabinets are listed below:

Cabinet type: EL 3-part 18 - 21 HE
Cabinet type: TS
Enclosure type: TS IT
Cabinet type: SE
Cabinet type: PC cabinet door
Cabinet type: IW
Enclosure type: TS 8 stainless steel
Cabinet type: SE stainless steel

The DoorLock-RA4 is currently NOT suitable for other Rittal cabinet types! This must be observed.


  • Connect the rack lever first with the slimline patch cable before attaching it to the rack!
  • Only install in open state!

For the cable run from the IP rack lever to the distributor box, an extra hole must be drilled in the door of the server rack for the above mentioned Rittal racks, through which the slimline patch cable must be routed. The holes can be drilled using a mounting template.
The mounting template and how to use it can be found here: How do I use the DoorLock-RA4 mounting template on a Rittal cabinet?

Before installation can be started, attention must be paid to the positioning on the cabinet and the direction of rotation of the opening mechanism. 
It must also be considered whether the pins that move the cabinet's locking mechanism need to be moved up or down to open. The pins can be extended by means of additional bushings.
The rack lever is fastened to the cabinet door with two screws. During installation, the lever must be completely open.

Opening mechanism

The opening mechanism of the DoorLock-RA4 with the Rittal adapter is shown in the following picture

  1. Pulling the rack lever causes the mandrel to rotate
  2. The rotation of the mandrel is converted into a translatory movement of the carriage
  3. The translatory movement of the pins carries out the opening/closing of the Rittal locking system